The Most Damaging and Dangerous Crashes In NASCAR

If you are a true die hard NASCAR fan, no matter how old or how young you are, you should know the name Dale Earnhardt Jr. Sadly, not all generations are old enough to remember his amazing and very talented father, Dale Earnhardt Sr. For those of who follow NASCAR, and have followed it regularly for years, you may have been watching and remember what you were doing the day that it was announced that Dale Earnhardt Sr. had been involved in a terrifying wreck while racing. Many people around the world kept vigil around their television sets, waiting for word that Dale Earnhardt Sr. was going to pull through and that he was going to be okay. Tragically NASCAR fans around the world did not get the news that they were hoping for. Dale Earnhardt Sr. did not survive from his injuries that he got in the wreck that day. Even with the time that has passed, loyal NASCAR fans continue to honor and respect Dale Earnhardt Sr., and Dale Earnhardt Jr. for their love and dedication to racing.

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