The Unfair Advantage Of The Luck Dog

In the year of 03, an effort was made to increase safety for NASCAR drivers in which in return they decided to ban drivers from racing back to the yellow flag after the caution light is displayed. While there is evidence that driver safety has increased and many safety crews are now more capable of responding relatively quicker than ever before. The rule itself then and even to this very day is still consider by many to be a unfair advantage and greatly sacrifices the sports integrity. So with this said lets have a look at the initial details of the Lucky Dog rule.

According to the rules of NASCAR the “LD” rule implies that the first driver that is one lap down kindly gets his lap replenished when the caution flag comes out. And If the professional racer is a lap down because of a penalty he then does not qualify for the Lucky Dog giveaway. What a load of crap one may think. For I must say that the “LD” rule is an very clear and distinct free be to any driver in most cases that truly haven’t earned anything free at all. Neither does the professional driver have to be within a considerable range between the leader of the race or earn the free lap based upon driver’s ratings. I think personally this is just madness. I mean all the driver has to do is just be the first car one lap down, and wait until a yellow flag comes out and bam! You just bought yourself a free lap!

Also as well there have been on several different events where a driver took complete advantage of this particular rule and came back to win the entire race in spectacular fashion. Smh. Out goes the professionalism of racing and in comes the world of entertainment. Until then peace I’m outta here.

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